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Calculating the cable force for an A-frame mounted on a truck

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

N06-Q4.2, J17-Q7.2, J22-Q4.1

A truck fitted with an A-frame of which the legs are hinged to the truck at their lower ends and joined together at their upper ends to form an apex to which one end of the cable from the winch is fixed. A load of 4 kN is suspended from the apex with an overhang of 800 mm. Each of the legs is 2,5 m long, and their lower ends are 1,5 m apart.

Calculate the force in the cable and each leg. [12]

Note: It is impossible to solve the question without the schematic above that provides the cable angle. The original question asked in the 2006 exam included the schematic. Unfortunately, the same schematic was not included in the 2017 and 2022 exams. Hopefully, the examiner will pick up this error and correct it for future exams. The GCC Factories Candidate will have to assume the angle if it is not provided.


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