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How to obtain the GCC Factories

The first step to obtaining the GCC factories is applying to write for the exams. Palucraft has prepared all the information & resources you need to get your GCC Factories acceptance letter.

What is the GCC Factories?

The Government Certificate of Competency (GCC) Factories (or "the ticket") is a prestigious certification for mechanical or electrical engineers, technologists, technicians, and artisans who are working in the factories or plant environment in South Africa.

The GCC Factories is NOT a qualification, but rather a "license" to supervise machinery at a factory. This is a requirement in terms of the General Machinery Regulation (GMR) 2. Persons who obtain the GCC Factories are henceforth referred to as Certificated Engineers as defined under GMR.

The Government Certificate of Competency (GCC) Factories is issued by the Chief Inspector from the Department of Employment & Labour (DEL). The Chief Inspector issues the GCC Factories once the GCC Factories Candidates pass the GCC Factories Plant Engineering and OHS Act exams. 

How do I obtain GCC Factories?

Step 1 - Meet the GCC Factories exam entry requirements

The journey to obtaining the GCC Factories starts by meeting the GCC Factories exam entry requirements as stipulated by the Commission of Examiners from DEL.

Step 2 - Apply to write GCC Factories exams

You will need to complete the prescribed application form, attach the required supporting documents, which include your qualifications & required letters.

Step 3 - Prepare for the GCC Factories plant engineering & OHS Act exams

The GCC Factories plant engineering and OHS Act exams are challenging. You will have to prepare sufficiently for these exams.

Step 4 - Register, write & pass the GCC Factories plant engineering & OHS Act exams

The GCC Factories plant engineering and OHS Act exams are written every year during June and November. The exams are written at approved TVET colleges.

Step 5 - Send your statement of results to the Department of Employment & Labour

Send your statement of results to the Commission of Examiners. The Chief Inspector may grant you the Certificate of Competency upon recommendation from the Commission of Examiners.

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Need more help compiling your GCC Factories application?

Try our industry-first online course that will provide you step-by-step assistance in compiling your GCC Factories application.


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Get video explanation on how to complete all the forms and supporting documents.


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Documentation review

Get assistance with reviewing your documentation before submission.

Got more questions?

Palucraft GCC Study has compiled a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions and answers about GCC Factories. The great thing about our FAQ is that you can type in your question and our page will start filtering answers related to your question.

All you need to know to get your GCC factories

Palucraft GCC Study helps engineers, technologists, technicians, and artisans advance their careers by becoming Certificated Engineers. We achieve this by providing the information & resources required to apply, prepare and pass the Government Certificate of Competency Factories the first time.

What is the GCC Factories exam syllabus? Where can I get GCC Factories past exam papers and memos? Palucraft has prepared books & courses that are designed to help you efficiently start your GCC Factories exam preparation.

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Passing the GCC Factories exams makes you eligible to become a Certificated Engineer.


Certificated Engineers play an important role in assisting Employers to comply with General Machinery Regulation 2.


Palucraft GCC Study offers industry-leading GCC Factories study material. We have GCC factories study material for preparing for the plant engineering and OHS Act exam. All our topics are well researched and very informative to ensure that you pass the GCC factories exams the first time! 

We designed our GCC Factories plant engineering and OHS Act exam preparation material with the GCC Candidate in mind. We know the type of pressure you have while trying to balance work, life, and studying. 

Industry-leading GCC factories courses & study material

How we can help

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We provide all the information and resources required to obtain the Department of Employment & Labour GCC Factories acceptance letter.



We provide self-study books, courses and eLearning courses to help prepare for the GCC Factories plant engineering & OHS Act exams.



We provide various courses to help develop careers for engineers, technologists, and technicians working in the factory and mining industries.

Our GCC Factories Exam Preparation Products & Services

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Times are changing. Digital courses are by far the best way of preparing for the GCC Factories exams. It means no risk and cost of traveling and you study at your own pace.



Our industry-leading GCC Factories study material has stood the test of time. We have increased the quality and relevance of our books. They offer true value for money.



We understand that it gets busy at the factory. So we offer weekend GCC factories exam preparation classes presented by our world-class facilitators.

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