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About Palucraft GCC Study

We help engineers, technologists, technicians, and artisans in the factory and mining industry with Continuous Professional Development information, resources, courses, and books that will help them flourish in their careers

People matter

Safety at factories across South Africa will not be possible without having committed and competent Certificated Engineers who will supervise machinery.

The critical attribute of a competent Certificated Engineer is their ability to identify hazards and devise corrective actions that protect the safety of others.

The Certificate Engineer needs to obtain the necessary certification as required by law.

The Certificated Engineer also needs to gain the relevant skills in safety, asset management, engineering, maintenance, operation, problem-solving, communication, and management of people.


At Palucraft GCC Study, we value continuous professional and skills development. That is why we insist that our facilitators undergo formal facilitator training. We are true believers of lifelong learning and skills development! 

What matters to us


Our Vision

Our vision is to contribute positively to the engineering industry by providing reliable and accessible information that assists aspiring and registered Certificated Engineers in advancing their careers.


Our Mission

We provide aspiring Certificated Engineers with information, resources, study material, and courses that will help them get certified.


Our Target Market

Our target market is engineers, technologists, technicians, and artisans who wish to be Certificated Engineers. We help them gain the necessary competency to excel in their duties of protecting the safety of others.

What do we do?

Palucraft develops and delivers high-quality skills programmes that help Engineers, Technicians, and Artisans be more impactful at their workplaces and stand out in their careers. We focus on skills programmes in the Mining, Manufacturing, and Construction Industries.

Compliance Training

Our focus is on helping Engineers, Technicians, and Artisans understand technical and regulatory compliance required in the Mining, Manufacturing, and Construction industries. Employers can then have comfort that their asset and operational risks are controlled.

Increasing Competency

Our skills programmes are delivered over time in an engaging and industry-specific manner. We make use of our Learn, Practice, and Apply model to ensure that our interventions are practical and lead to increased competency.

Customised Training

We are able to customize skills programmes to be aligned with your company's schedule and internal processes. We are also able to design specific technical and regulatory skills programmes that your company may require.

Decide. Learn. Succeed.

Part of what we do at Palucraft GCC Study is to help engineers, technologists, technicians, and artisans decide on whether a career as a Certificated Engineer is the right fit for them. To this end, we run an active blog and social media pages that aim to assist them to learn more about a career as a Certificated Egnineer and what it will take to succeed in this career. 




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