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GCC Factories Syllabus (Plant)

The Commission of Examiners accepts candidates with Bachelors, National Diploma (T4/S4) or National Technical Diploma (N6) to write the Government Certificate of Competency (GCC) Factories.


In as far as GCC Factories Syllabus is concerned, two aspects need to be noted. Firstly there is a syllabus which National Diploma and National Technical Diploma candidates need to complete prior to being accepted as GCC Candidates to write the GCC Factories Exam. This aspect is covered under Subjects Required for GCC Factories.


The second aspect is the syllabus that all GCC Candidates need to conversant with for the exams. Candidates need to pass the Plant Engineering and OHS Act exam to obtain the Certificate of Competency.


Syllabus for the GCC Factories Mechanical and Electrical Exam


The purpose of the Government Certificate of Competency Factories Exam is to evaluate that the plant engineer has the necessary competency to ensure the safe operations of plants/factories. The GCC Engineer needs to assure to conversant with safety regulations, safety standards, design codes and engineering best practice. 


The Candidate GCC Engineer will be evaluated on the following subject matter during the GCC Factories Exam:

  • Safety and management

  • Electrical technology

  • Applied thermodynamics

  • Structures and strength of materials 

  • Theory of machines

  • Fluid mechanics

  • Environment

The specific GCC Factories Exam subjects that are evaluated includes incident prevention, risk assessment, transformers, motors, boilers, heat transfer, beams, shafts, conveyor belts, vehicle dynamics, pumps, compressors and environmental protection.

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