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GCC Factories Application Fee Increases to R520.00

In Regulation Gazette No. 11465; Vol 685; 29 July 2022; No. 47109; No. R.2317, the Minister of Employment of Labour, Mr. Thembelani Nxesi, published a schedule of fees for the Department.

According to the new schedule, the GCC Factories application fee has increased from R130.00 to R520.00. That translates to a 300% price increase.

To be fair, though, the fees have R130.00 for the longest of times. There is also an indication that the fees may be adjusted yearly.

Download the Gazetted fee schedule below:

Schedule of fees to register entities with the Department of Emplomyent and Labour as from
Download • 1.57MB

Are there changes to the GCC Factories Application Form?

The only aspect that has changed on the GCC Factories Application Form is the indication that the fee is now R520.00.

Download the updated GCC Factories Application Form below:

Latest GCC Application form - July 2022
Download PDF • 174KB

What is the effective date of the new fees?

1 July 2022.

Have the banking details of the Department of Employment and Labour changed?

No. The banking details remain the same. They are indicated in the OHS Directive from the Department and the GCC Factories Application Form.

Download the Department of Employment and Labour OHS Directive below:

OHS Directive - Schedule of Fees to Register Entities Annexure A (2)
Download PDF • 609KB

Did the GCC Factories Application Process change?

No. The GCC Factories Application Process is still the same. The only change is the fee increase from R130 to R520.

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