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Draft Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Regulations, 2022

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On 21 October 2022, the Minister of Employment and Labour gave notice of the intention to make the Draft Noise-Hearing Loss Regulations in the schedule.

Interested persons are requested to submit comments on the draft regulations in writing within 90 days from the date of publication of the notice in Annexure A (included in the download document below).

2022 Draft Hearing Loss Regulations
Download PDF • 14.26MB

How to Submit Comments?

Comments need to be submitted in Annexure A of the notice. For your convenience, we have extracted Annexure A, and you can download it below.

Annexure A - 2022 Draft Hearing Loss Regulations
Download PDF • 561KB

Where to Submit Comments (Annexure A)?

All representations and comments must be sent to the Director-General of the Department of Employment and Labour.

You can hand deliver to the following address:

The Department of Employment and Labour (Attention: Warren Mallon)

Laboria House

215 Francis Baard Street


You can send it by post to the following address:

The Director General

The Department of Employment and Labour (Attention: Warren Mallon)

Private Bag X117



You can email it to the following email:

What is the Deadline for Submitting Comments?

21 January 2023.

Call for GCC Factories Community to be Involved

The Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Regulations are part of the GCC Factories OHS Act exam. We are also directly affected by the regulations since we are current and future GMR 2.1 appointees who will need to implement the provisions of these regulations.

This is an opportunity to be a part of policy formulation, ensure that regulations are fit for purpose, and address workplace risks from our perspective as engineers and technicians.

Palucraft encourages you to review the document and submit comments where necessary changes need to be made.


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