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NOTICE: The GCC Factories and Mines Plant Engineering Exam Date Changed from 30 May 2024 to 23 May 2024

The Department of Education has issued a notice regarding a change in the examination dates.


Due to the National Election, the following examinations will be written on the 23rd of May 2024 instead of 30 May 2024:

  • 08190306 - Plant Engineering: GCC Mines and Works

  • 08190316 - Plant Engineering: GCC Factories

The examination date for the following examinations remains unchanged and will be written on 6 June 2024:

  • 13050026 - Legal Knowledge: GCC Mines and Works

  • 13050046 - Occupational Health and Safety Act: GCC Factories

Notice of change of examination date for Government Certificate of Competency June 2024
Download DO • 13KB

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