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Subjects required for the GCC Mines & Works

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Subjects required for the GCC Mines & Works

The first step to obtaining the GCC Mines & Works is getting your qualification evaluated by an approved body. The Department of Mineral Resources recognizes the following academic qualifications when applying for evaluation of qualification:

  • Bachelor's Degree in electrical engineering (heavy current)

  • Bachelor's Degree in mechanical engineering

  • BTech in electrical engineering (heavy current)

  • BTech in mechanical engineering

  • National Diploma in electrical engineering (heavy current)

  • National Diploma in mechanical engineering

  • Acceptable trade test, and you must be in the position of a National Technical Diploma (N6) in electrical or mechanical engineering

This post will discuss the GCC Mines & Works subject requirements.

What subjects must I complete to qualify for the GCC Mines & Works?

The DMR provides the list of GCC Mines & Works topics you need to complete to be considered to commence with your engineer-in-training. The topics that need to be complete depends on whether you are applying for the:

  • Certificate of Competency as Mechanical Engineer for Mines and Works, or

  • Certificate of Competency as Electrical Engineer for Mines and Works.

The GCC Mines & Works subjects will then be the unit standards or modules that cover the GCC Mines & Works topics.

The minimum GCC Mines & Works topics for electrical applicants:

  • Mechanics, Oscillations, Waves, and Theory of Heat

  • Engineering Graphics

  • Electricity, Magnetism, Optics, Atomic and Nuclear Physics

  • Process Drawings

  • Materials Science

  • Statics and Mathematical Modelling

  • Electrotechnics

  • Operations Management for Engineers

  • Operations Research

  • Thermodynamics

  • Engineering Statistic

  • Control Theory

  • Manufacturing Technology

  • Decision Support Systems

  • Systems Engineering

  • Databases and Web-programming

  • Business Engineering and Design

The minimum GCC Mines & Works topics for mechanical applicants:

  • Electricity, Magnetism, Optics, Atomic and Nuclear Physics

  • Engineering Graphics

  • Materials Science

  • Electrotechnics

  • Strength of Materials

  • Engineering Materials

  • Thermodynamics

  • Dynamics

  • Numerical Analysis

  • Engineering Analysis

  • Professional Practice

  • Fluid Mechanics

  • Strength of Materials

  • Mechanical Design

  • Structural Analysis

  • Machine Design

  • Thermal Machines

  • Heat Transfer

  • Fluid Machines

  • Systems Engineering

  • Air conditioning and Refrigeration

  • Manufacturing Technology

  • Thermal Fluid System Design

  • Machine Dynamics

  • Nuclear Engineering

  • Engineering Management

Note: Remember, you will need to get a qualification evaluation letter from an approved body. Click here for GCC Mines & Works qualification evaluation guidelines.

How do I know which module or unit standard to complete at a TVET college or University?

Some academic modules or unit standards may have a different name from the above topics. It is also possible that the above topics are subsets of academic modules or unit standards.


The DMR provides the minimum topics for GCC Mines & Works applicants. The topics required will depend on whether you are applying for the mechanical or electrical certificate of competency.

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