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Artisan to Manager Development Programme

Gain the key knowledge, insights, tools, and resources to become an effective supervisor or manager as an artisan


R23 000.00




12 Months


Level 5

Start date

9 Oct 2023

Registration deadline:
15 Jan 2024


It is essential that artisans who are appointed or on track to be appointed supervisors/managers enhance their self-awareness, as well as their people management, leadership, and team-building skills.


The Artisan to Manager Development Programme (AMDP) equips artisans with the skills that enhance their personal effectiveness and leadership competencies. It equips them with the confidence and tools to respond effectively to current and future business challenges.

After completing the AMDP, the student will receive an NQF Level 5 National Certificate qualification in General Management.

The exit outcomes of the AMDP:

  • Initiate, develop, implement, and evaluate operational strategies, projects, and action plans to improve the unit's effectiveness. 

  • Monitor and measure performance and apply continuous or innovative improvement interventions in the unit. 

  • Lead and manage a team of first-line managers to enhance individual, team, and unit effectiveness. 

  • Build relationships with superiors and with stakeholders across the value chain. 

  • Apply the principles of risk, financial and knowledge management, and business ethics within internal and external regulatory frameworks. 

  • Enhance the development of teams and team members.

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