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10 tips for preparing for the Government Certificate of Competency plant engineering

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

The Government Certificate of Competency (GCC) factories candidates usually struggle with getting started with studying for the GCC factories exams.

The two main reasons for this are:

  • Problem one: There is a large scope to cover and GCC factories candidates are working full time in a demanding factory.

  • Problem two: The GCC factories scope may be a bit ambiguous and GCC factories candidates are not sure what they need to learn.

Problem one can be solved by following our 10 tips discussed below:

1. Start early with studying

  • You must apply to write the exam,

  • Get an acceptance letter from the Department of Labour,

  • register to write the exam with your nearest TVET, and

  • write your GCC factories exams.

The problem is that some GCC factories candidates leave studying to the last minute and rely on the "4-day GCC factories preparation course miracle". You need to make a realistic study schedule that fits the way you study as well as your personal life and work commitments.

How much time should you give yourself to study the GCC factories exams?

We have found that GCC factories candidates are different. The more recent graduates require less time compared to older GCC factories candidates who finished school over 10 years ago.

The Palucraft rule of thumb is to give yourself at least 18 weeks to prepare for the GCC factories plant engineering exam. You will need another 2 weeks dedicated to revision. In total, this works out to 20 weeks (or 5 months).

In fact, we designed our GCC factories plant engineering exam preparation online course to be completed over 18 weeks. We achieved this by having 18 modules presented for each week.

The great thing about our online course:

  • you can go through studying at the comfort of your home or office,

  • it saves you time and money associated with traveling, and accomodation, and

  • you get a structured programme designed to ensure you are well prepared for the exams.

2. Choose one exam and focus on it

GCC factories candidates need to pass the plant engineering exam and the OHS Act exam in order to obtain the illustrious "ticket".

The two exams are written every year around the first or second week of June and November. Usually, the plant engineering exam is written first. And thereafter the OHS Act is written the following week.

Some GCC factories candidates attempt to write both exams during the same period. In other words, a GCC factories candidate will write the plant engineering and OHS Act exam in the same June exam sitting.

This is a disastrous approach for many GCC factories candidates because trying to balance the studying demands with life and work commitments may be challenging.

At Palucraft, we advise that you focus on one exam. In other words, write your plant engineering or OHS Act exam in June and then write the remaining exam in November.

3. Use flow charts and diagrams

Palucraft's approach to solving GCC factories plant engineering problems is to start with a diagram and start filling in the given information. We also make use of flow charts to illustrate the interfacing of various information.

It is important to develop your own visual aids and summary sheets. This can be especially helpful when revising the study material. At the start of a topic, write down everything you already know about the subject. Closer to the exam, transform your revision notes in a diagram. This will assist with reinforcing what you have learned.

4. Practice on old exams

Practicing with an old version of previous exams is an effective way of preparing for the exams.

An old exam will help you:

  • see the format and formulation of the questions,

  • have an idea of what to expect, and

  • assist you with measuring the time you need for the actual exam.

Palucraft has a comprehensive collection of GCC factories plant engineering and OHS act past exams. The collection of the GCC factories past exam papers is in the form of our industry-leading GCC factories study material which include solutions.

The solutions provide the GCC candidate a step-by-step approach to solving GCC factories plant engineering exam questions.

5. Explain your answers to others

Some GCC factories candidates will collect all the information they require to prepare for the exam. The mistake they make is not giving themselves time to really understand the material. One way to demonstrate your understanding is to try to explain it to others.

This goes hand-in-hand with developing your own summary sheets.

The Palucraft GCC factories plant engineering preparation online course is to make it interactive. One way we achieve this is by letting our students solve the problems while we progress with the online course.

6. Organise study groups with friends and colleagues

Study groups can help you get the answers you need and finish tasks faster. Just make sure the group is focused on the subject and they are not easily distracted.

7. Push, push and breath

Try taking regular breaks. Regular breaks can assist your brain to regain its focus. It is not the best tactic to study long hours because long-term retention of knowledge is almost impossible. The most important part of studying is to develop a routine that fits your study style.

8. Stay healthy

Maintaining a healthy diet, body and mindset are important for assisting with improving concentration and memory. You need to eat healthy foods when studying and exercise regularly. Remember to drink plenty of water whiles studying and throughout your study journey.

9. Plan the day of your exams

Check all the rules and requirements for the exam. Remember, you need to have your GCC factories acceptance letter from the Department of Employment and Labour. And you need to register to write the GCC factories exams at your nearest TVET college.

Plan your route and the time it may take you to reach your examination center – then add on some extra time. You do not want to arrive late and deal with even more anxiety.

10. Make it fun

You need to manage your stress levels during preparing and whiles writing your exam. Try different methods of learning. Walk the plant and try identifying the components covered in the GCC factories scope.

BONUS: Learn where to start studying

At Palucraft, we have solved problem two by developing a Government Certificate of Competency factories exam preparation books, courses, and eLearning. Our products will help you identify where to start studying.

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