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Guidelines to Completing the GCC Mines & Works Annexure E Modules

Table of Content

1. Introduction

The next three steps involve you completing the 'Annexure E' Modules as part of your EIT:

  • Step 3 - Obtain your 'Annexure E' book

  • Step 4 - Secure an engineering mentor

  • Step 5 - Complete the 'Annexure E' Modules under the supervision of the engineering mentor

This post aims to provide guidelines on how to complete steps 3 to 5 to obtain the GCC Mines & Works. The post will answer the common questions relating to achieving the 'Annexure E.'

2. What is the GCC Mines & Works 'Annexure E'?

The Commission of Examiners at the Department of Mineral Resources provides the GCC Mines & Works' requirements. One of the requirements is that you need to complete engineering training.

'Annexure E' is a booklet that provides the modules you need to complete during the engineering training (see an example of the 'Annexure E' booklet below).

NEW Annexure E Booklet - Revised
Download PDF • 1.10MB

3. What are the 'Annexure E' modules?

There are twenty-two (22) modules in the 'Annexure E' booklet. The 'Annexure E' Modules represent the equipment, workplaces, and processes the EIT needs to cover during the engineering training.

Each 'Annexure E' Module consists of specific activities that need to be completed by the EIT.

The 'Annexure E' Module activities vary from activities that the EIT must complete to activities where general exposure is required. One of the Electrical Systems Module activities requires that the EIT complete a power cost and tariff calculation. Another activity in the same module is exposure to explosion-protected apparatus in a coal mine.

The 'Annexure E' booklet provides the estimated duration for each module. Some of the modules may be shorter or longer than the guideline durations. The time will depend on the specific mine where you are completing the 'Annexure E' modules.

4. What Must I do Before I Start Completing my 'Annexure E' Modules?

Before completing your 'Annexure E' Modules, make sure the following is in place:

5. How do I Obtain the 'Annexure E' Booklet?

Once the DMR accepts you to commence training, you will need to purchase an 'Annexure E' booklet at the cost of R500.00 from the DMR. Each 'Annexure E' booklet will have a unique serial number belonging only to you.

The DMR application form provides the banking details to use, or you can pay at any of the DMR regional offices. Make sure you keep a copy of the proof of payment.

DMR 79 MECC application form for accepta
Download • 264KB

6. How can I Secure a DMR Registered Engineering Mentor?

Your engineering mentor must be a DMR Registered. If not, the completion of your 'Annexure E' Modules will be considered invalid.

The easiest way to secure an Engineering Mentor is to get one from where you will be completing your 'Annexure E' Modules. Otherwise, it may be challenging to complete your training seamlessly.

Suppose you are completing your training in a huge facility. In that case, you may request the HR department or the DMR for a list of registered mentors.

In short, make sure you select mining facilities with DMR Registered Engineering Mentors.

A 2.13.1 appointee may apply to be a Registered Engineering Mentor by completing the form below:

DMR 317 MECC mentor application form
Download PDF • 232KB

7. What if I Have Completed Some of the 'Annexure E' Modules Activities Before Securing an Engineering Mentor?

You may need to redo those 'Annexure E' Module activities under the new Engineering Mentor.

Alternatively, the Engineering Mentor may sign them off if he/she is satisfied that you have sufficiently completed the 'Annexure E' Modules.

8. Can I Have Multiple Engineering Mentors?

Yes, you can have multiple Engineering Mentors while completing your 'Annexure E' Modules. Large mines may have different responsible persons (2.13.1) for various facilities, requiring multiple Engineering Mentors.

You may also find yourself in a situation where you have to complete some of your 'Annexure E' Modules at a different mine. If this happens, it may be necessary to have an Engineering Mentor at the other facility.

9. How Do I Complete my 'Annexure E' Modules?

You need to complete all the activities under each 'Annexure E' Module. Make sure that you complete the activities under the supervision of your Engineering Mentor. Alternatively, make sure you communicate with your Engineering Mentor when you commence with specific activity - this will ensure that the Engineering Mentor will sign it off.

Other general tips when completing your 'Annexure E' Modules:

  • Ensure that you get the mine's stamp for each 'Annexure E' Module you complete.

  • It may be prudent to keep your 'Annexure E' booklet on a protective cover.

  • Always make a copy of the signed-off modules and keep them in a safe place.

10. How Long Do I Have to Complete my Annexure E Modules?

The minimum duration to complete the 'Annexure E' Modules is two (2) years. The DMR does not stipulate a maximum number of years to complete the 'Annexure E' Modules.

Many EITs complete their 'Annexure E' within 2 to 4 years. It all depends on how fast you go through your 'Annexure E' Modules and how supportive is the Mine and Engineering Mentor.

11. What must I do once I Complete all my 'Annexure E' Modules?

You will need to apply to write the GCC Mines & Works examination (Step 6). Once accepted by the DMR, you will be eligible to write the GCC Mines & Works Plant Engineering and Legal Knowledge Exams.

12. How do the 'Annexure E' modules relate to the GCC Mines & Works exams?

The GCC Mines & Works Plant Engineering Exam focuses a lot on the 'Annexure E' Modules' content.

It means you need to focus and take plenty of notes whiles completing your 'Annexure E' Modules.

The GCC Mines & Works Legal Knowledge Exam covers the Mine Health & Safety Act and the Mine Act Regulations. Your engineering training will also consist of the practical application of the Act and its regulations. It may be necessary always to have a copy of the Act and its regulations for quick reference during your training.

13. Do I need to complete all the 'Annexure E' if I have the GCC Factories?

No, you do not need to "technically" complete the 'Annexure E.' However, you will need to apply to write the GCC Mines & Works examination (Step 6).

During your application to write the GCC Mines & Works examination, you will need to demonstrate the following:

  • Proof of at least one (1) year's experience in the maintenance and operation of machinery at a mine.

  • The experience at the mine must be per the 'Annexure E' modules. So, indirectly you need to complete the 'Annexure E' modules. The exception is that you do not need to "complete" your 'Annexure E' modules under the supervision of a DMR registered mentor. In other words, you do not need to fill the 'Annexure E' logbook formally.

14. Conclusion

This post provided some guidelines related to:

The critical points from this post are as follows:

  • Ensure you obtain permission to commence engineering training from DMR before completing your 'Annexure E' Modules.

  • Ensure that you select a Mine with a DMR Registered Engineering Mentors before committing to do your training there.

  • Ensure that you store copies of your 'Annexure E' as you progress with your training. Two years is a very long time, and documents can easily get lost.

  • Ensure that you take plenty of notes during your training because you will need that information for the GCC Mines & Works Examination.

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