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Palucraft helps Engineers, Technicians, and Artisans obtain their GCC Factories and succeed in a career as Certificated Engineers & GMR 2.1 appointees.


Next GCC Factories Exams

GCC Factories Plant Exam

9 November 2023

GCC Factories OHS Act Exam

16 November 2023

16 Oct 2023 GCC Factories Online Bootcamp.png

Pre-Exam Revision

The GCC Factories Plant Engineering Bootcamp is an intense five-day online webinar designed to help GCC Factories Candidates with the final revision of the plant engineering exam that will be written on 9 November 2023.

GCC Factories Study Material

We develop and publish industry-leading engineering study material that is well priced and of high quality.

GCC Factories Online Courses

We design and publish affordable subscription-based Online Courses that enable you to prepare for the GCC Factories Exam anytime and anywhere.

GCC Factories Plant Engineering Online Course

GCC Factories OHS Act Online Course

Palucraft Online Reviews

Palucraft Google reviews from Kabelo Mashabane - The Palucraft GCC Factories Plant Engineering Exam Preparation book was helpful in enabling me to pass the Plant Knowledge exam after my first attempt. It has a lot of content and practice exams for adequate preparation.
Palucraft Google reviews from Mangi Twala - GCC achieved thanks to Palucraft material, anyone who wish get a GCC, I recommend you contact Palucraft
Palucraft Google reviews from John Shama Mokwatlo - Palucraft Engineering Academy (Nkululeko) played a big role for sharing his knowledge with us especially on the law side, you made GCC Factories Plant Engineering & OHS Act exams easier for me to approach using the Palucraft study guides and the online videos for me to go through them at my own pace. I also enjoyed online tool (Quizlet) on my phone which made it easier for me to learn the OSH Act definitions while playing the games. It is now my turn to practice what I have learned from Palucraft and also teach other GCC candidates about the easier way to pass and also to apply my knowledge at the work place by improving the health and safety of other persons.
Palucraft Google reviews from Tys Van Der Merwe - Good quality of service. The study material compacts the most important information in such a way as to maximize your chances of passing. The pack of past papers also made a big difference.
Palucraft Google reviews from Darren Griffiths - Palucraft is really leading the way with high quality study material for the GCC factories certification. I have already recommend Palucarft GCC study exams material to various friends and colleagues and they passed the first time. Palucarft has committed in helping engineering professionals with achieving their career goals and be the best in their field. Keep the knowledge, positivity and inspiration coming. Thanks.
Palucraft Google reviews from Suresin Mari - I used the Palucraft materials to write both the GCC Factories Law and Plant Exams. The material is very good and provides good insight into the exam. I studied for 3 months diligently and managed to pass both exams in the same seating. I would strongly encourage others who are intending on writing the exams to try the Palucraft materials.

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