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Pass the GCC factories OHS Act exam with these 3 simple tips

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

The Chief Inspector may grant the Certificate of Competency to a GCC Factories Candidate after receiving a recommendation from the Commission of Examiners.

The GCC Factories Candidate needs to pass plant engineering and OHS Act exams to receive a recommendation from the Commission of Examiners.

This article will share the three top tips which have helped hundreds of GCC Factories Candidates pass the OHS Act exam.

Tip 1 - Master the OHS Act and GAR (10 to 20 marks)

Question one of the exam usually covers the OHS Act and amounts to 10% of the exam.

Question two usually covers OHS Act and, in some instances, includes the General Administrative Regulations.

The OHS Act is relatively easy to understand. The Palucraft online course provides a simplified approach to learning the OHS Act.

Doing well in questions one and two will boost your confidence early on in the exam and comfortably score 10% to 20%.

Tip 2 - Learn your definitions (20 to 30 marks)

According to the OHS Act examiner's report for the November 2017 OHS Exam - "Many candidates did not answer any questions on the definitions and thus losing needed marks as the marks for definitions in this paper amounted to 24%."

The above statement has been valid in many of the GCC Factories OHS Act exams. Definitions typically amount to 20 to 30 marks of the exam. The best way to learn them is to practice using flashcards.

Palucraft has developed digital flashcards to save the GCC Factories Candidate's time.

A great way to learn definitions is by using the digital flashcards included with the purchase of Palucraft's GCC Factories OHS Act study material.

Tip 3 - Get the electrical regulations out of the way (10 to 20 marks)

There are only two electrical engineering regulations - Which are the Electrical Machinery Regulations and Electrical Installation Regulations. The examiner usually aims to have a balanced exam and may include at least one of these regulations.

Many homes are affected by the Electrical Installation Regulations (EIR) - this makes EIR easy to learn and comprehend. The Electrical Machinery Regulations are a bit involved but understandable when spending sufficient time to understand them.

Master these two regulations and get an easy 10 to 20 marks.

The structure of the GCC Factories OHS Act exam

The structure of the GCC Factories OHS Act exam will provide the needed context for the exam:

  • The GCC Factories OHS Act exam usually consists of 10 main questions.

  • Each of the questions amounts to 10 marks per question.

  • A minimum of 50 marks is required to pass the exam.

  • The exam is a closed book.

  • Each main question usually covers similar themes. For example, the OHS Act, or Pressure Equipment Regulation may be common to a specific exam question.


The GCC Factories OHS Act exam can be difficult if the GCC Factories Candidates have not sufficiently prepared for the exam.

The tips shared here are a great way to ensuring a pass during the GCC Factories OHS Act exam.

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